More to VA Loans Than Competitive Loan Rates

The advantage of taking out a Veteran Affairs (VA) loan is quite far reaching. The main purpose of this loan is to make life easier for active duty or retired military personnel. That is why lucrative benefits are offered to them through this program, which includes providing a guaranty on loans of up to 100% value of the property that they choose to buy. Even the funding fee from 0% to 3.15% that may be required for this loan can be financed by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. This mortgage also provides another key benefit of zero down payment. Also, in terms of interest rates, among all the states VA loan rates in Texas are lower due to the support provided by the state.

There are some conditions to fulfil in order to get financing for a home loan under the VA mortgage program. The price of the house should not be more than the reasonable value as assessed by the department. So, the down payment will be waived only if the sale price of the house does not exceed the appraised value. However, unlike the FHA loan offered to other citizens, the veterans are not required to pay monthly insurance premiums.

Some other benefits of taking out VA loans include limiting closing costs, having a provision to allow sellers to pay closing costs, no prepayment penalty for early loan payoff and the guaranty provided by the VA department if borrowers find it difficult to make payments.

We at Service First Mortgage - The Davidson Group can assist you with your VA loan needs. Our experienced loan officers can walk you through your options,and manage the complicated paperwork and official proceedings on your behalf. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of active-duty and retired military professional. We believe our veterans deserve the highest respect.