The Home Search: What next?

Enjoy the home search. Trust the experts to take care of the rest.

Searching for a new home can be both extremely exciting, and extremely stressful. If you are an experience home buyer, you know this already. If this is your first home buying experience, just take it from us. While we cannot eliminate the stressful part completely, it is our goal to make this time the most joyous possible.

What Do You Do Next? Follow These Steps:

service-first-assure-approvalGet Pre-Qualified. Better Yet, Get A FirstAssure Pre-Approval!

If you haven't already scheduled a time to be pre-qualified by one of our expert mortgage planners, call today to set one up. A pre-qualification will go through some preliminary questions to determine the amount of mortgage loan you can afford, which can help you determine the price range you should be focused on when searching for your new home. A focused search will save you time, and make the process more enjoyable.

Don't just stop there, though. A FirstAssure Pre-Approval from Service First Mortgage – The Davidson Group will view your mortgage application through the eyes of a certified underwriter, confirming your ability to obtain a mortgage and the loan amount. This is as close to "certain" as you can get without going through the actual mortgage process. Call us today to get started.

Determine Your Budget.

When looking for a new home, you should base your price range on the monthly mortgage payment that you are comfortable with paying...NOT the loan amount you can receive. Are you saving for something special? Do you have new expenses on the way? What if you lost your job? At what amount could your family help pick up the slack temporarily? How much extra income do you want to have per month?

These, and questions like them, are very important to consider when purchasing a new home. Look at your family budget. You don't want to have so much money tied up in making the mortgage payment that you cannot afford the other expenses of life. Just remember, we are here to help you make the best decision for you and your family.