FHA "Back to Work' Program

Looking to apply for a new mortgage but you have had a foreclosure, bankruptcy or short sale in your past? Don’t dismay, a new program launched in 2013 by the Federal Housing Administration may effectively ‘forgive’ your past financial mistakes and help you to qualify for an FHA mortgage.

How does it work? If you have experienced a major financial setback that resulted in serious derogatory credit, like a foreclosure or bankruptcy you may qualify for an FHA “Back to Work” mortgage. You may qualify if:

  • You lost your job or your income dropped by 20% due to circumstances beyond your control and this went on for six months or more.


  • You had a satisfactory credit history prior to your financial setback and you have had satisfactory credit history for the last 12 months.


  • You have enrolled in and completed an FHA special housing counseling class at least 30 days before applying for your mortgage but within the last six months.

Keep in mind that a “Back to Work” mortgage is for a purchase mortgage only. We are one of few lenders that can help you qualify for a “Back to Work” FHA mortgage so contact us today to explore your options and see if you qualify.