Countdown To "M" Day

Getting ready to move? Here's a great checklist to help make it a smooth transition.

There are so many steps and actions involved in moving. You are not just changing homes, you're also changing neighborhoods, schools, mailing addresses, and more. With so much to do, it is easy to miss a few steps. Check out our moving checklist below to help you remember some important steps.

4 Weeks Prior To Move:

  • Set up a "move" file or folder.
  • Set up a "move" calendar.
  • Have a garage sale.
  • Collect financial, tax and employment documentation needed for your loan.
  • Donate or sale unneeded furniture.
  • Contact doctors, dentist for copies of medial records.
  • Contact schools for copies of student records.

3 Weeks Prior To Move:

  • Review tax deductions on moving expenses.
  • Arrange cut-off date for utility companies (telephone, gas, electricity, water, garbage, cable television).
  • Call friends and relatives to let them know you are moving.
  • Request a change of address kit from post office.
  • Check out voter registration information for the new area.

2 Weeks Prior To Move:

  • Transfer stocks, bonds, bank accounts and contents of safe deposit boxes.
  • Prepare a list of clothing that will not be packed with household goods.
  • Take time to check off previous listed items while you still have time!

1 Week Prior To Move:

  • Label items you will need to access easily and place them in separate room or closet.
  • Clean out your refrigerator and let it air out at least 24 hours before moving
  • Drain outdoor equipment: Water hoses, propane tank from BBQ grill, gas and oil from lawnmowers.
  • Discard all aerosols, paint, oils, and other flammable or toxic chemicals.
  • Schedule with utility companies to have utilities turned on at your new home.

"M" Day (Moving Day)

  • RELAX!!!
  • Remember, items loaded last will be unloaded first.
  • Conduct a final review of the house, including attic, stairwells, closets, cupboards, storage, garage, and behind doors.