Jim Blythe

I am a fourth generation Texan and a third generation US Navy Combat Veteran.  I grew up in Dallas Texas and have had an exciting life.  My Dad worked for a real estate developer as CFO and I watched projects grow from Dallas, Brookhaven, to San Diego, Rancho Bernado.  I always wanted to be in Real Estate.  

At age 16 I was playing with radio and loved it.  While I served in the Navy during Viet Nam I volunteered on Armed Forces Radio while on the USS Oriskany.  I never met Adrian Cronauer but I made my own stories and entertained the troops. After the Navy and three combat tours I went to the University of Texas where I studied finance and worked as a Realtor in Austin.  I had my Real Estate Brokers License in 1973 before graduating from college. 

Back in Dallas I worked my way up to being a real estate developer specializing in office and industrial land and building development.  I enjoyed the challenges of financing, developing and managing, retail, office, industrial and multifamily projects.  My skill was financing and when the market crashed in 1987 I started looking for a new way to make a living.  By 1994 I was a mortgage Loan Officer, certified real estate instructor and was broadcasting again on the CBS radio affiliate in Dallas, KRLD, as well as two other smaller stations, KLIF and WBAP. 

In 2004 I was broadcasting and stumbled into the Reverse Mortgage product and fell in love with helping people.  I started the program for Bank of Oklahoma and ran it in 7 states.  I also became a Certified Senior Advisor to have a better understanding of senior issues.   In 2015 I was awarded the CSA national award, “The Horizon Award”.   Between my years of problem solving in real estate and my years as a CSA I find solving problems and helping Seniors rewarding and fruitful.  Currently I am a radio host for a Veteran oriented radio program carried nationally, Alliance4theBrave.  In 2020 we completed our 5th year of radio programming helping veterans.

When I am not helping a Senior or broadcasting, I am attending Veteran functions or flying my plane.  My son and I own a Beechcraft and we travel all over the South Central USA.  I am licensed in 7 states and I personally meet with everyone I counsel or originate a loan for.    I have written two books, “Planning to Change” and “Challenges of Change”. I am working on a third book, “Never Quit Flying the Plane”   I wonder where that one will go?

Look me up on JimBlythe.net or Alliance4theBrave.com and please call me at 214 502 4600 send me a note at jim.blythe(at)fairwaymc.com