Toi Parnell

Toi Parnell is from Houston, Texas, and has been in the industry since 2002. She got her start in operations and has served as a processor, originator, and sales manager before becoming a LO in 2012. Her experience leading up to now has been valuable, and given her the knowledge to “always find a solution.”  She is aggressive for her clients and believes that a “no” can be turned into a “not right now” to a “congratulations!” 


Toi got into the mortgage business to make a great living and has stayed in it because she enjoys helping the community, especially our Veterans, to achieve the dream of homeownership.  She strives to help everyone and surrounds herself with a team that can help her achieve that goal. When Toi is not closing loans, she enjoys teaching young adults about money and credit and is passionate about helping the community one family at a time.